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Update Presentation

Dear All,

Please see the video presentation above by Phil and Maeve.

Please be assured you are not being asked to make a choice on options at this point, however some people have asked us to explain our understanding of the range available currently and the pros and cons of each. The list and comments are not meant to be final or definitive, but merely our understanding at this stage.

Please have a look at the presentation as well as viewing the four video presentations by Amnesty international [Click Here for Amnesty International Videos].

It would be great if once you watched this, you could complete your questionnaire or contact us for help either individually or as part of a group. We really just need to understand what you want from the next stage of the process. Remember the questionnaire is just a framework, you don’t have to answer every question and write as much or as less as you want.

If you have already sent in your questionnaire and want to change any part of it, that is absolutely fine, just contact Marion and she will send it back to you to change, or change it with you over the phone.

We are hoping to have all questionnaires submitted by 2nd July

Best wishes

Phil, Maeve and Deirdre

Truth Recovery Website – www.truthrecoverystrategy.com