Mother and Baby Institutions, Magdalene Laundries and Workhouses in Northern Ireland

Truth Recovery Strategy

Truth Recovery

Following publication of the Queen’s University/ Ulster University Report, Mother and Baby Homes and Magdalene Laundries in Northern Ireland, 1922-1990, the Northern Ireland Executive agreed to establish an independent investigation/ inquiry into the Homes and Laundries in Northern Ireland.

Details of the Truth Recovery Strategy are provided in the Project Brief – link below.

Click Here for Truth Recovery Project brief

Independent Panel

The Northern Ireland Executive have appointed a three-person Panel to work alongside victims and survivors of the institutions and their families to explore options for an investigation/ inquiry. This ‘co-design’ process is to be completed by the end of September 2021.

The Independent Panel was appointed in March. It is chaired by Deirdre Mahon and its members are Dr Maeve O’Rourke and Prof Phil Scraton.

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Victims & Survivors

This is a unique project established by the Northern Ireland Executive. 

Details and information on the Panel’s work, including ethical protocol, standards and stages in the Consultation Process can be found here.

Click Here for Victims and Survivors Information and the Ethical Protocol

the Report can be accessed through the links below or the Report can be downloaded in full

Research Report on Mother and Baby Homes and Magdalene Laundries in Northern Ireland

Research into Mother and Baby Homes was commissioned in 2017 to inform the Northern Ireland Executive about the operation of the Homes and Laundries in Northern Ireland from 1922-1999.

Click on the Report Cover to view the full report

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